Upcoming Events


S-Network is serving as a Silver Sponsor for the 23rd Annual Global Indexing and ETFs Conference from June 24th through 26th, 2018, hosted by Ritholtz Wealth Management (RWM) and Information Management Network (IMN).

For the past two decades, IMN has created some of the most essential industry events for the asset management space and are continuing that tradition in 2018 with their flagship event. Serving as the industry's longest running indexing and ETF event, Global Indexing & ETFs 2018 will once again return to Dana Point, CA.

Building on the success of the 2017 program, which featured speakers including Michael Mauboussin (Credit Suisse), Jeffrey Gundlach (DoubleLine), Eduardo Repetto (Dimensional Fund Advisors), Robert Arnott (Research Affiliates, LLC), and Meir Statman (Santa Clara University), the conference will once again provide a timely, and in-depth, program led by some of the industry's most influential participants.

RWM and IMN are hosting a cross-section of industry practitioners: institutional investors and asset owners, index providers, ETF issuers, asset managers, exchanges, technology solutions providers, retail investment advisors, academics and more.


Summer in the City


7th Annual Summer in the City CSR Investing Summit — July 17, 2019 in New York City

The “Summer in the City” 7th Annual CSR Investing Summit is an all-day conference that presents a forum for engaging with thought leaders and discussing their points of view on how to define, manage, and measure responsible investing. The conference includes expert practitioners who are plan sponsors, endowments, consultants, academics, non-governmental organizations, the sell side, and media. Attire is informal and networking is encouraged.



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S-Network is serving as a networking partner with Skytop Strategies for the following 2019 events:


Reframing Human Rights — June 26th & 27th in New York City

Multinational company management, institutional investors, and experts will convene to examine best practices in risk management, opportunity in labor, human rights-related practices and the connection between human capital development and operational opportunity for resilience and ROI.


Engagement & Communication NY — September 12th in New York City

As a follow-up to the 2019 Proxy Season, this issuer-focused program centers on the growing trend of shareholders continuing to increase involvement in their ownership of firms. Experts, directors, and senior-level company managers will meet with select institutional shareholders on how to best enhance the outcomes of engagement strategy for mutual value creation.


Impact Investing — September 19th in Washington D.C.

Institutional investors, investment consultants, fund managers, and subject matter experts will join forces to present a unique convergence of high-level disclosure among those pushing to shape the emergence of impact investing. We seek to unpack what to expect in the months and years ahead, as impact investing continues to gain the attention of investors seeking transformational change through the strategic deployment of capital.


Global Shareholder Activism & Engagement Summit — September 26th in Toronto

Shareholder engagement and communication is unfolding on the Global stage and has piqued interest from US and Canadian activists seeking engagements. This Global destination program will include experts from the US, UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia involved in shareholder engagement practices from both sides of the campaign.


ESG Integration Summit — October 17th in Stockholm

Executive leaders, directors, institutional investors, and experts will discuss integrating the Nasdaq ESG guidance and framework for disclosure of company practices. This program will seek to highlight and learn from trailblazers and practitioners on the timely issue of implementing and reporting practices across the field of ESG, including select areas such as gender equality, energy, and human rights.


Sustainability & Risk Management — October 24th in Arlington

This summit brings together companies and shareholders together to collectively address emerging risks through best practices and tools alike. Through the cross-sector discussions at hand, all participants will explore ways to capitalize on the resilience opportunities inherent in sustainability risks.


Shareholder Activism Asia — October 31st in Hong Kong

Emerging activist trends in the Asian market. How activists from the U.S. and elsewhere affect the nature of engagements in Asia. A discussion on the latest campaign practices of activists, how they unfold, their outcomes, and their engagements with boards and management.


The 21st Century Company — November 7th in New York City

A new kind of company is emerging, and older companies are working to integrate new strategies to foster collaboration and the create long-term value. Executives in governance, sustainability, risk, innovation, and corporate responsibility to identify tomorrow’s change agents and how to profit from their power to drive company value.


Cyber Risk Governance — November 11th in New York City

Public company executives and institutional shareholders will be joined by leading experts in cybersecurity to address the imminent threat of cyber breaches. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in panel discussions and presentations exploring the latest strategies devised to avoid residual costs and reputational fallout as well as how to deal with shareholder backlash.


Shareholder Activism Summit — November 19th in New York City

Activists, board directors, and corporate management will discuss the state of play in activist engagement and what to expect in the upcoming shareholder season. A full day of interviews, panel discussions, presentations by practice experts, strategists, advisors, activists, and investors makes this one-day program an invaluable gathering, needed to effectively manage through the ever-evolving landscape of proxy fights and settlements devised to avoid residual costs and reputational fallout as well as how to deal with shareholder backlash.


Water & Long-Term Value — December 10th in San Francisco

Corporate executives, institutional investors, and capital market experts will discuss how companies and investors are adapting to water scarcity, wrestling with the costs and movement towards efficient stewardship models as well as how company water policy and practice affect performance ratings and access to capital.

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S-Network is serving as an Exhibitor at the 2019 Inside ETFs Conference from February 10th through February 13th in Hollywood, Florida. Inside ETFs is the world’s largest ETF Conference. We look forward to seeing you there!

2019 WSGS

S-Network is serving as a media partner for the 2019 Wall Street Green event.

The 18th Annual Wall Street Green Summit is the longest running and most comprehensive sustainable finance event in the industry. It will be held on Monday March 18, 2019 in New York. Launched in 2002 by Peter Fusaro, the Wall Street Green Summit covers cutting edge content, industry developments and features the practitioners and the leaders of tomorrow. More importantly, it is aimed at building the sustainable finance system for responsible investing and the changing role of business in sustainability. The emergence of the "Impact Economy" is where main street investors team up with corporations, entrepreneurs and government to solve environmental and social problems while generating financial returns.

The 2019 Wall Street Green Summit XVIII is the “one-stop shop” to come up to speed on the latest developments in Green Innovation & Finance.