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S-Network is serving as a Silver Sponsor for The Boston Security Analysts Society's 2016 Sustainable Investing Seminar on November 17th.

Sustainable Investing was accelerating at a pace few would have anticipated when this seminar made its debut in 2013. The language, tools, and practices of sustainable investing are increasingly being applied in traditional investment environments. At the same time, a large and increasing variety of sustainable investment-focused offerings and products have become available to investors. Designed to help mainstream professionals navigate the explosion of approaches and increased client demand, this yearly event brings together thought leaders, practitioners, and asset owners to provide practical advice and share experience-based examples and insights.



Webinar: Smart Beta in the Face of Fee Compression

Thursday. December 1, 2016

2:00 PM EST

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S-Network is pleased to announce it is serving as a strategic partner with Skytop Strategies forthe following ESG-related event:

The Future of Corporate Reporting — December 13, 2016


Engage with senior executives across organizational functions who drive corporate reporting initiatives, reporting experts and practice leaders on the future of corporate reporting

Discover trends in corporate reporting and how they affect the shaping of corporate reports and their use in stakeholder relations

Apply the most up-to-date reporting practices designed to take corporate reporting to the next level


Impact Investing — May 24, 2017

Engage with heads of foundations, institutional investors, fund managers, and market analysts on the latest trends in impact investing

Discover how investors and foundations are changing their investment strategy to include sustainable allocations while still maximizing returns

Apply next-generation ideas and tools to find innovative investments that bridge the gap between purpose and profit


ESG3 Summit — April 4, 2017

Engage with institutional shareholders, public company management, ESG practice and capital markets experts on how to leverage favorable consideration in the capital markets from sustainable ESG practices

Discover emerging methodologies in assessing and presenting ESG performance to the capital markets

Apply the latest practices and technologies needed to set company performance and reporting expectations


Reframing Human Rights — June 28–29, 2017

Engage with multinational company management, institutional investors, and subject matter experts on how to best manage risk and opportunity in human rights related practices

Discover the connection between human rights, human capital development and operational opportunity for resiliency & ROI

Apply the latest innovations designed to move beyond meeting minimum regulatory compliance to achieving benchmarks that drive sustained performance



S-Network is serving as a strategic partner with Peter Fusaro and the Global Change Associates for the 16th annual Wall Street Green Summit (WSGS) on March 27, 2017 in NYC.